Who We Are



We are Americans, living in Simi Valley,  who believe in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and the right of self defense. We believe in following the law, as written, whether or not we agree with it. The rule of law stands to keep society safe and civilized.

Our staff consists of experienced Law Enforcement Officers (active and retired), NRA Certified and / or CA POST (Peace Officers Standards and Training) qualified. The founder is an active member of the California Bar, was a Deputy District Attorney in Ventura County, and is an advanced level tactical instructor with 28 years of law enforcement service. 

Retired affiliate law enforcement instructors served on SWAT and teach all platforms including pistol, rifle and shotgun. Although some of these qualifications are not germane to a CCW class, the high level of quality instruction is extremely relevant and sets CCWtrainers.com apart from the rest. 

The Ventura County Sheriff's Department specifically requires the instructors not teach "tactical shooting," as part of the CCW curriculum. The Curriculum covers the legal aspects of the use of deadly force and ensures the applicant can properly qualify with their selected firearms. 

Tactical training classes are available once the student has received their CCW and want to fulfill the desire to further their safe and effective firearm handling and more combat related marksmanship skills.

Peace Officer Standards and Training (Law Enforcement) Instructor

National Rifle Association Training Counsellor

National Rifle Association Firearms Instructor (Pistol and Shotgun)

CA POST Rifle Instructor

California BAR  Admitted (Attorney) 

Former Prosecutor