Concealed Carry Permit In Ventura (CCW)

30  years in Law Enforcement.

Former Prosecutor in Ventura County.



NRA   Instructor

Concierge CCW Training


Who Should Train

Those who have been given "The Approval to Train" by the Ventura County Sheriff's Department to obtain their CCW permit. All  firearm owners are strongly encouraged to know when to use deadly force so they can act ethically and within the law to avoid being prosecuted. This is NOT a how to shoot, basic firearms class but a get your CCW in Ventura class. (Those "how to" classes are certainly available by appointment) Come to!


Privacy and Discretion

This is a concierge service. We come to you. Train in the privacy of your home, when it is convenient for you. No stress. No distractions. Nobody pointing a gun at you. The ultimate in discretion, safety and privacy.

You can also book a class through Smokin' Barrel Range in Simi Valley and train in a group setting. 


A unique, private training opportunity

Concierge service. Privacy is our specialty.

CA POST Law Enforcement Trainer for Pistols, Shotguns and Rifles.

NRA Training Counselor and Instructor. 

Former Ventura County Deputy District Attorney.  Nobody has more experience in the CCW Arena when it comes to firearms and the legal ramifications. 

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Training is by appointment only.

We come to you. Your home. Your privacy. Safety first. 

Then we hit the range at Smokin' Barrel in Simi Valley!

Simi Valley, California 93063, United States

(805) 404-7180


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